urConvey is an eco-friendly platform that makes it easier to carpool with friends and family.


We wondered if there was a technology out there that could simplify the carpooling process. There is none. No other company could completely transform and the automate carpooling process for the user the way we are doing. Our added features of knowing the estimated fuel or charging the cost of a trip, make urConvey stand out from our competitors.


We aim to streamline the process of carpooling. Our focus is on creating smooth, green,  carpool experiences with your friends and family, people you know.
We understand the importance of carpooling for our roads and saving our environment. This is why we have created urConvey to be as easy as everyday tasks and to revolutionize what carpools mean to you and will leave a positive impact on our society.


urConvey is able to understand user patterns and recommend the best route to travel. The powerful flexibility of integration enables urConvey to be accessed on multiple platforms and services. Our user's comfort is our sole focus.


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